How to get positive reviews from your guests?

The holiday season and the time of increasing traveling has begun. For hotels it is a time of intensive work related to guest service, but at the same time it is a possibility to gather numerous opinions from the guests and to attract new ones.

As we know, reviews in today's world are crucial. The majority of metasearches are based on reviews defining the position of the hotel in the ranking on the site. Therefore they have a direct effect on the visibility of the hotel against the competition. Also for potential customers, they are the great value, as more and more the reviews left by the visitors have a direct influence on their purchase decision.

Here are 5 tips on how to get high reviews:

  1. Take care of service quality
    Choosing where to stay, customers pay attention not only to the location of the hotel and a price. A service is a distinguishing feature of the place and undeniable advantage of the hotel. It's important that the guest feels that he's served with due care. By showing him that he is not one of the many, we will make him feel special.
    Keep in mind that each of us has different needs, therefore the approach to the client should be individual.
  2. Remember about professional service
    A person with a smile at the front desk and a professional waiter can change the client's attitude. The staff is the heart of the hotel, so skillfully selected staff members are the key to success. The people in contact with the client should have predispositions appropriate as the way of communication between personnel and the guest takes a key role in the hotel. 
    A proper customer service training can help you get the satisfaction of the next guest and thus higher ranked note.
  3. Stay updated with new reviews
    The opinions are a valuable source of knowledge about the hotel both for the guests and hoteliers. We treat opinions as a repository of knowledge about what is happening in the hotel. It is worth knowing what guests appreciate and what is our distinguishing feature according to the guests.
    By analyzing opinions we can find out what elements in the property accordingly to the guests still needs to be improved.
  4. Respond to the opinions creatively
    Each review should be individually analyzed. By responding to them in an unconventional manner we show our guests that hotel counts with their opinion. The guests appreciate this commitment. Do not be afraid to acknowledge and thanks for a low opinion. However keep in mind that responding to such opinion can not be guided by emotions. The most important is to reply to the opinion in professional way keeping in mind good name of the property. Accept the criticism and address the reasons for dissatisfaction mentioned in it.
    The following answer is an example of good practice:

    Avoid replies that may negatively affect the good name of the hotel
  5. Share the most remarkable reviews on social media
    Share the opinions that have already been exposed to a wider audience. Your homepage or social media are great places to do it. Showing what your guests appreciate will encourage more people to visit Your property and maybe to give a feedback about their stay.

The guests' feedback is one of the key factors in purchase decision, therefor guest service does not end at the moment of check out. Take a time to analyze the reviews and to refer to the information contained in them.

Izabela Jaśkowiak, Revenue Specialist