How hotel booking engine works

How hotel booking engine works

19 June 2019Olga Gajewska

Easily decide what is your stay offers contain and what they looks like. Meet all your guest requirements and make the booking process efficient. Get time to analyze your results thanks to the automation of tasks.

Imagine that you go to an online store’s website with the intention of shopping. It turns out that it is impossible. To make an order, you must call or email the seller, ask about the availability of a given item, and then wait for their response. Would you use such option or would you leave the site and look for another store? Probably the latter, like most users. You would look for a different place. Your guest feels exactly the same when you do not share any booking option with them on your website, and only a few of your options are available on OTAs.

Basic hotel management tool

If you have a website it serves as an online store. It’s a site through which one can view your detailed offer. It would be ideal if a guest could immediately buy your “product” (which in your case is a stay offer) and check if it is available at a given time. Each order should not only reduce the availability of goods, but also be delivered to the right person (in the case of a hotel, it can be a receptionist). So just like any online store, you should have the right facilities , i.e. the right IT tools that will do some of the work for you.

The basis of operation of each hotel facility is PMS, thanks to which you will allocate your guests, arrange housekeeping work, or print an invoice. However, for this to happen, information about bookings must be provided to PMS.

To integrate your website with PMS, a booking engine is used. It allows the guest to book a stay, and provides the relevant information to PMS in order to reduce the availability of rooms. The guest interface integrates with the website and gives him the opportunity to view your offer and book a room or package at the prefered date. The guest should also be able to make payments through the same interface (the entire amount of the booking or prepayment).

A store shelf that can encourage buyers

A good booking interface will not only present the offer properly, but also encourage potential guests to book. So does Profitroom Booking Engine, where the booking site presents offers and vouchers and enables guests to select the appropriate standard of the room according to the their preferences.

If a guest goes to the site looking for a room at the time of their choice, and you have nothing available, the specially designed accessibility assistant will show the guest your rooms list and suggest other dates of arrival.

If you want to encourage your guests to come back to your facility, then the system gives you the option to offer a discount via the discount box above the booking panel. Loyalty systems with discounts and vouchers make your guests stay at your facility more often.

And if it still doesn’t convince a potential guest, Profitroom Booking Engine can generate landing pages with the details of special offers, directing the internet traffic and visitors to these offers. You can promote such sites on social media or use them to advertise your offer on Google.

Of course, all this is fully available and easy to use on mobile devices. Remember that over 50% of your potential guests browse your offer on mobile devices, so a convenient mobile interface is key to your success.

Functional booking backend

At Profitroom Booking Engine, it’s you who decides what is in your offers, at what rates they are available and whether they are limited in time or not. You can also use the functionality to define per room if extra beds are available and the prices of such offers, which significantly simplifies the booking process for people traveling with children.

You can also connect dozens of payment gateways to your booking engine, making it easier for guests to pay (and limiting the number of abandoned bookings). Payments can be scheduled and harmonogramed, which is especially important in case of expensive bookings made well in advance, where neither you nor the guest want to lose money. Of course, you have full control over bookings and related payments, you can manage availability, restrictions and have access to sales reports.

The entire interface for the guest can be fully color-matched to your website, and the guest can choose the presentation language from among the dozen or so supported options. You do not need anything more to change your website into a fully functional online store of your facility.

Lower commissions

A booking engine will help you make profits from direct bookings and will definitely increase your revenue. Remember that OTAs’ commissions may be quite high, so listing offers on their portals is not free although it may seem so. The commission on booking at Profitroom Booking Engine is just 3.5%.

It is much safer to manage your own offer, direct traffic to your website, to use appropriate mailing, and to promote your offers on social media and offer discounts to guests returning to the facility. When it’s done properly, it’s you who controls the revenues of your hotel yourself. If you want to learn more about the Direct Booking strategy, we invite you to watch a short film from the facility, which – among our clients – is the leader of this type of approach.

If you are interested in the details of Profitroom Booking Engine or the presentation of the tool – please contact us!