Hotline – a new integration with a PMS system

Hotline – a new integration with a PMS system

20 September 2016Bogdan Gheorghe

The team responsible for the development of our Channel Manager keeps on looking for more! From this day on, there is a brand new integration with a PMS system active – namely the Hotline.

We are really engaged in the development of the Channel Manager and the integrations offered as a part of the engine. Today our team would like to tell the world about a further PMS system (Property Management System), the Hotline, from now on being a part of our Channel Manager.

Also the Managing Director of the Hotline Company expressed his opinion about the integration:

“The hotel software hotline frontoffice makes the everyday work of hoteliers much easier. The time they win thanks to its functionality can be devoted to their Guests. And this new fusion with Profitroom will allow for selling hotel rooms in the whole world.”

More information about the development of the Upper Channel Manager and its new integrations shall come soon!