Hotel website is like an apartment – turnkey and much more

Hotel website is like an apartment – turnkey and much more

27 February 2020Agata Blachowska

For various reasons you may not be able to invest in a new (and good) website. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave it in the realm of dreams. After all, intensive development of technology is connected with facilitating access to modern solutions. Find out what the beginning of 2020 brings.

You know how important it is for the hotel’s website to follow the trends. That a website is more than a business card. That it is a sales department that can generate profitable direct bookings.

But spending a one-time large amount on a new website just isn’t an option, so you postpone this project. And if it wasn’t for the website, but for the apartment, what would you do then?

Website available at once

If you couldn’t afford to buy an apartment, you would probably consider taking a loan. First of all, thanks to that you can quickly live in the place you imagine when you hear the word “home”.

Secondly, with your own place, you don’t have to ask anyone for permission to put a nail in the wall. My home is my castle Thirdly, it means that you don’t spend an astronomical amount on the project. 

In the case of a website, it can be much better, because there is no question of any interest rate or commitment for years and additionally you have a guarantee that the website will always follow the trends.

It’s as if, without bothering you, a team of professionals regularly visited your home and checked that everything is still of excellent quality. You create – you publish – you forget!

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So far, in order to launch or update the site, you had to prepare or commission the preparation of texts and graphics, send them to e.g. an agency and wait for the changes to be made or read the proposal itself “what it could look like”.

Profitroom WebAssistant – a simple wizard of a modern website is based on the data contained in the Profitroom Booking Engine, so you already have a large part of the content automatically placed on the site. In all selected language versions. In about 3 minutes


Besides, you choose what the website should look like (and you can change your mind at any time) – WebAssistant gives you the possibility to choose from three graphics templates.

And since the whole product is automatically adjusted to the prevailing trends, you can be sure that each template will be perceived by your guests as expected, i.e. encourage them to book. In short, the renovation is happening on its own.

Profitroom WebAssistant – having a hotel website that generates bookings has never been so easy

Simple and effective

Neither time, nor expertise, inhibit you from adjusting the location or names of bookmarks or swapping photos. The intuitive wizard allows you to make the desired changes quickly, and the ability to preview before publication helps you make sure everything looks exactly as you imagined it. 

Find out why a modern website is so important

WebAssistant also guarantees that your website will be visible to all potential visitors. You have the possibility to enter the data necessary for proper positioning in search engines.

Besides, you are seen not only by guests using desktops or laptops, but also by smartphone and tablet lovers. So you are close to potential guests no matter where they search for their dream stay.

For you

You can pay for WebAssistant a monthly fee worth as little as …a pair of good shoes. The modern sales space is no longer something you can’t reach – you click…and you’re done!

Create your page in 3 minutes and watch it automatically adjust to the trends!
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