Have a direct impact on the future of your hotel

Have a direct impact on the future of your hotel

02 March 2018PROFITROOM SA

International team of experts. Hoteliers of renowned facilities. Experts in hotel sales strategies. They now join forces to reveal the future of the industry in the lastest Profitroom project. See you at directbookingmovie.com. 

The hotel industry sees a decreasing role of the offline sales channels, as it gives ground to the younger online generation. However, the word online has many faces. For a hotel, online means direct booking and intermediary websites. It is easy to figure out which form of sales is more profitable.

Yet, it is wrong to assume that direct booking refers exclusively to the website booking engine. In fact, it involves much more. It is a strategy executed by the entire personnel, every day, at every stage of the guest’s stay and contact with the hotel. It is a multidimensional communication policy which aims at the boost of sales, not only today but in the future.Our experts, working daily in different parts of Europe, as well as hoteliers, representatives of four-star hotels, which successfully implemented direct booking, reveal specific elements of the strategy, such as technology, marketing tools, and emotions. In the video, which is a sort of a trendsetter defining the future of the industry, they share their experience and hard data, answer questions such as:

  • Do emotions influence profits?
  • What tricks to use to increase the effectiveness of web sales?
  • Technology or the internet marketing – which one is more important?
  • Is there a place for passion in the hotel industry?
  • Why is direct booking the future?
  • How to make a web user become a loyal client? 

If you would like to know the answer, watch our super-production and discover that the Future is Now!

Click www.directbookingmovie.com, fill in the questionnaire and watch the full version.

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