“Give a gift…’  how to encourage a user to take an advantage of a voucher offer?

“Give a gift…’ how to encourage a user to take an advantage of a voucher offer?

30 November 2017Karolina Dziedzic

December is the month when hotels record the highest sale of the vouchers. In this article we will take a closer look on when the vouchers are the most popular and how to expose them.

The vouchers are purchased by both individuals and companies. They are treated as a great gift for their business partners or employees. Among the individual customers we have the vouchers as a "last minute gift", purchased even on the second day of Christmas and those who have carefully compared and selected vouchers in advance.

Where to start?

For both, the key will be what the voucher contains and how it is presented. And it will depend on this two factors whether we will record high sales. Bearing in mind that the vouchers are a form of gift, we can not forget about an interesting description, where the buyer will find the answer to whether this service will be a great gift for the person and will meet her expectations and dreams. Presenting the vouchers we should try to meet the needs of any target group by adding a wide range of the vouchers such as: dinner, spa treatments, stay vouchers or multi-purpose vouchers. Due to its versatility, this last form of the vouchers will allow us to reach a larger group of potentially interested individuals.

By adding a few price variants to your gift voucher, a guest will be able to benefit from the wilder range of services offered by the property.

Możliwość dokonania szybkiego zakupu online wraz z otrzymaniem natychmiastowego potwierdzenia jest niewątpliwym atutem sprzedaży voucherów poprzez Booking Engine – zwłaszcza dla tych, którzy zakupu dokonują na ostatni moment.

The possibility to make a quick online purchase with instant confirmation is an undoubted advantage of selling vouchers through Booking Engine – especially for those who make a purchase at the last moment.

Popular vouchers

The popularity of the voucher depends on the type of the property. In the city hotels, the most common are the multi-purpose vouchers. However dinner vouchers prevail, as their sale can be as high as 69% of the sold vouchers. In spa and wellness hotels, up to 51% of the sold vouchers are a day spa for two, or a romantic getaway. Therefore, when creating the vouchers, it is worth asking yourself which facilities in the property can make people living locally or visiting to purchase a voucher.

How to promote and present the vouchers?

The vouchers can be found in the dedicated tab on the homepage of the website, under the button for example: ‘ Buy a gift’ or "Vouchers”, which will be presented in addition to the reservation system itself.

The purchase of vouchers can be promoted through graphical forms of advertising, either on Facebook or through remarketing. This is an exceptional time to fulfill people's dreams important for us and the hotels can help to achieve that

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