Gain 10% more direct bookings!

Gain 10% more direct bookings!

16 January 2018Filip Warguła

Soon reservations from the booking system will be confirmed before the payment is booked online. Your guests will be able to make a payment within 3 days, thanks to which you will get up to 10% more confirmed reservations.

Make the best of the potential of unfinished bookings!

Our research shows that hotels using the reservation system can recover up to 10% of unfinished bookings. These are the reservations in which potential guests choose to pay online, but ultimately for various reasons they do not make payments (overdraft limit, no payment card on hand, internet connection problems, intention to make payment on the desktop computer, etc.). Thanks to confirming the reservation before the payment is booked, we will avoid losing a direct booking in favor of a booking with OTA or, even worse, losing the guest completely.

What changes does the new feature introduce?

The booking process will look like this:

  1. The reservation will be confirmed immediately after clicking the button “Book now with payment obligation”
  2. If the booking system is integrated with Channel Manager or PMS, room availability will be reduced in all channels.
  3. As has been the case so far, the guest is redirected to the online payment system
  4. If the guest does not make the payment immediately, he will have 3 days to pay for the reservation. All he has to do is click on the link sent in the email. A message about the unpaid reservation will be sent to the e-mail address of the hotel.
  5. If the payment deadline is exceeded, you will be able to contact the guest or cancel the reservation manually.

Frequently asked questions:

Does the function have any security features?

Yes. The reservation will be confirmed before the payment is booked if it is made at least 7 days in advance. In addition, when a reservation is being made, your property must have at least two 2 rooms of any type and category for the date chosen by the guest.

Does the function work with all payment methods?

The function is active only when the guest chooses to pay by card or bank transfer via one of the operators, e. g., eCard or Dotpay. In other cases, the booking process does not change.

Will I receive any new email messages?

Yes. Immediately after the reservation is made you will receive a message saying “An unpaid booking has been made” However, immediately after the payment is booked you will receive a message saying: “A payment for the booking has been recorded “.

Will the guest receive a notification if the payment deadline is exceeded?

Yes. If we do not book the payment within 24 hours of making the reservation, the guest will receive an e-mail message saying: “The booking may be canceled!

How will I know that the guest has not paid the reservation on time?

You will receive an email saying: “An overdue payment” Such booking will also be highlighted in the Profitroom Suite in the “To check” tab on the booking list.

Are there any special situations in which this function will never be activated?

The function is not active, if the guest makes a reservation in the offer “Prepayments schedule“, or when buying Vouchers.

Can I completely disable this function in my facility?

There is such a possibility. For this purpose, write to However we encourage you to try this function before.

The new function will be launched for all our clients. If in doubt, please contact us at or call +48 61 840 23 80