Easy Sell – Selling via phone

Easy Sell – Selling via phone

20 April 2016Piotr Gorny

Find out how to prepare an individual offer already when talking to your client on the phone. In few steps you can on one hand save time and on the other increase the profits coming from the booking process.

Many customers potentially interested in the hotel stays wish to have their individual offers presented during the phone conversation with the hotel. Usually preparing of an offer takes time and when calculating all the parameters, the receptionist can make a mistake. Thus, the customer’s zeal gets down – and in the worst of options – the client-to-be chooses eventually another hotel.

How to prepare an offer much more quickly?

The Easy Sell by Profitroom gives you a helping hand here. It’s a perfect tool for hotels, which receive most of their bookings per phone. With Easy Tool the selling possibilities of Upper Booking Engine get extended. Furthermore, it’s a great support for the hotel staff as well – allowing them to save time because they need barely a few minutes now to prepare an offer. Saving time here means gaining more bookings later on.

How does it work?

With Easy Sell everything is…easy, indeed – while talking to the customer, you can create an offer and the system shall calculate its worth without your intervention. The process itself consists in a few easy steps:

  1. You enter the customer’s data: full name, phone number, e-mail address, to which the ready offer will be sent.
  2. You give the date of stay and number of guests, and the system generates offers matching the enquiry.
  3. You choose one offer or more and send them via e-mail to the customer. If you want, you can also present a few price options or a discount.
  4. The customer chooses one of the offered options and clicks on the link, which redirects them to the detailed description or right to the booking system, where they can make a safe Internet booking having the parameters already set. No need to configure the offer any further.

What are the highlights of the tool Easy Sell?

  • You can create an offer right away, and already during the phone conversation with your customer – thereby you save time and gain new clients;
  • The tool connects with the Upper Booking Engine, which helps you define the rates precisely – taking mistakes in the calculations out of the way;
  • The offer is based on the current room availability – the rooms are available to the customers simultaneously on the website until the booking is made;
  • The link placed in the e-mail message leads to the Internet booking system – the online transactions are prompt and safe, and the hotel faces no troubles as to the booking security;
  • Easy integration with Easy Sell with the contact box of the hotel – any info you may need in one place.

Customer’s review of Easy Sell:

„Easysell is a tool supporting the booking department of the hotel. It’s quick, efficient and works according to the standard agreed on in advance, thereby, the offer is always tailor-made. An undoubted advantage of this tool is having been combined with the UpperBE system, which gives us always the right availability and price, whereas the customer can make the booking directly from the received offer. If only the elements of marketing automation can be combined in this module and the option of offer building can be developed, it shall become the main tool to „produce” offers coming from our hotel…”

Karol Plich, Manager of Booking Department in the hotel Bania**** Thermal&Ski

Is the Easy Sell worth taking advantage of?

This tool allows you to genuinely increase the factor of booking finalization, due to the fact it constitutes in truth a combination of selling through the website and during a phone call. Your employees can create an ideal offer, adapted exactly to the customer’s needs, barely within minutes. The solution of Easy Sell by Profitroom turns out to be most useful in case of holiday hotels, which by nature offer their guests complex stay packages with lots of attractions.

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