Customized experience will dominate over customer experience

Customized experience will dominate over customer experience

24 February 2016Karolina Antonowicz

70% of guests expect more customized experience in line with the slogan “less ideas more experience”. In 2016 we will not be speaking about segments of guests but about profiles of guests. Profiles that may be changed in time, depending on the guest’s situation. Are they planning a business trip? Maybe they are going for their perfect holiday?

They will visit different websites at various stages of their trip (OTAs, hotels’ websites, metasearch engines, travel clubs) with a different initial intention. They will look for inspiration, compare, make initial selections, try to complete the booking. At each of these stages, they are the users whom we know but every time they become familiar with different content (text, photographs, videos), in a different context which affects their final decisions in a different way. The key is to recognize their needs at different stages and provide them with customized experience. In practice, the presentation of such material to users (dynamic content) and the advertising form, provides the greatest effect and brings the desired emotions. As is shown by studies conducted by Yahoo, customized advertising makes it possible to achieve 54% higher commitment from the users, it is remembered 45% more often and is 42% more accurate than static advertising.

Targeting in 2016 is not only adapting the message to the guest but also to stage their travel stage at which they currently are.

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