Meet Marta, Our International Customer Service Representative | Career in Customer Service

Meet Marta, Our International Customer Service Representative | Career in Customer Service

18 August 2021Huw Darch

Here at Profitroom, we’re excited to introduce our new team member, Marta, as she takes on her new role as our international customer service representative.


Here at Profitroom, we aim to bring together a group of diverse and creative individuals to build a forward-thinking team. Together we can then grow as a company and deliver exceptional service to our clients. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the latest member of our team, Marta Wasilewska.

Marta is our International Customer Service Representative and brings 14 years of invaluable experience with her.

Marta’s Background in the Hospitality Industry


Marta started her career in hospitality by working in food and beverage, and built her career up from there. Her most recent and prominent role was the position of General Manager at a boutique hotel in Central London. For over seven years, Marta was responsible for all aspects of the business, managing the operations, HR, sales and marketing, as well as the revenue and finance department.

Transitioning to her role here at Profitroom has seen a change in duties and responsibilities for Marta. She said of her typical day working here: “Every day is different – I help clients to build booking engines, channel managers, optimise Profitroom tools and liaise with hoteliers to ensure every project is spot on. I’m still learning – so I use calls and chats to get as much information from my colleagues as possible!”

Marta’s impressive background in the industry will help her to achieve amazing results for our clients and is one of the many reasons why we chose her for this key position. Marta’s in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry will benefit our clients as we place them in Marta’s confident and capable hands.

Joining the Team as Our International Customer Service Representative


As a company, we understand that our colleagues’ happiness is paramount to delivering a seamless service for our clients, and so we actively seek to ensure that they’re confident, comfortable and content in their work.

Marta said, “I like the fact that Profitroom is an international company that originated in my hometown; it’s ambitious, focused on growth, brings something different to the tech world, and has an amazing family feel. Everyone feels welcome, and the people that make up the teams make all the difference – their dedication and expertise are unparalleled, and they all have a great sense of humour, which makes it a great place to work!”

We’re looking to continue growing our Profitroom client base and build strong relationships with each one, as we continue to expand our services. We have an abundance of ideas and updates, and we believe that sharing these with our team is important for morale. That’s why Marta, along with the rest of the team, are continuously kept in the loop about our prospects and plans. Marta said, “I look forward to seeing Profitroom expanding to new markets, smoothly delivering excellent service and great products to our clients.”

We’re focusing on creating long-term relationships with our clients and working with them closely and continuously, to ensure they’re always providing the best and most up-to-date services for their guests.

How is Profitroom Different?


“Profitroom, as a company, is different because it puts a great emphasis on support and maintaining good relationships with clients post-sale; this allows hoteliers to feel more confident about the new systems they use, consequently helping them achieve their long-term goals.”

When asked to describe Profitroom in just three words, Marta said, “I would say Profitroom is innovative, customer-focused, and fun.” 

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Marta here at Profitroom as she brings her wealth of expertise, experience and knowledge to our rapidly expanding team.

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