Creating a Bespoke Wedding Landing Page | Profitroom Booking Engine 360

Creating a Bespoke Wedding Landing Page | Profitroom Booking Engine 360

09 August 2021Huw Darch

In this article, we’re taking a look at the benefits of a booking engine, and how it can help you create a bespoke wedding landing page for your couples.

How can Profitroom help improve your wedding services?

Hosting a wedding is a stressful experience, and there’s a lot of pressure on hoteliers to help make it perfect for the bride and groom.

In this article, we look at how our Profitroom Booking Engine 360 can help you offer a seamless wedding planning service for your couples.

Planning a wedding


With so many aspects of a wedding – from the ceremony, to the reception, to the guests staying overnight – you’ll end up with a lot of information in a lot of places.

You’ll need to ensure you have enough staff to manage the collecting and collating of all the information and ensuring it’s all in one place and up-to-date. 

Not to mention that you could have guests phoning directly to alert you to allergies, or the bride phoning to add on an extra aunt – it’s easy to see how information can get lost, and the pressure it puts on all the involved parties to keep on top of things.

How Can Our Booking Engine Ease the Pressure?


This is where our Profitroom Booking Engine 360 can help. You can create a user-friendly wedding landing page for your bride and groom that can help them, and all the staff in your hotel, have all the information they need in one simple space. 

The couple can write a bespoke message on the landing page for all their wedding guests to see, with links to everything from the room booking, menus, and timings. You can generate a code for each couple to have a special room rate for the night of the wedding, which guests can then use via the landing page.

This takes the pressure off the bride, groom, and staff as guests are then responsible for arranging their own accommodation.

How Can a Wedding Landing Page Encourage Future Bookings?


Having a wedding landing page is an easy way to promote your hotel to a plethora of guests. Each wedding guest can sign up to the landing page, giving you the opportunity to utilise their data and send them personalised offers.

It’s also a chance to show off how simple your booking process is; if the landing page is seamless for them, they’ll be likely to remember you and book again in the future. 

You can create upselling opportunities when they book, and when they check out you can send them an offer to rebook, which could guarantee your hotel repeat custom.

Wedding landing pages can have everything from the menu to the booking options – but you can also have a gift registry and a photo gallery. This can be beneficial, as when the photos are uploaded weeks after the wedding, the guests will keep coming back to view them, providing you more opportunities to promote bespoke offers and packages.

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