Channel Manager – easy and quick management of the hotel sales channels

Channel Manager – easy and quick management of the hotel sales channels


One of the key success factors in hotel sales management comes down to finding the best available online sales channels, and this is what hoteliers attempt to do for their properties. Although their distribution is often based on the selling system through their own websites, they use also various Internet portals or OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) because they are very popular and attract many clients. 

How to manage sales in the most efficient way then? The answer lies in proper selection of Channel Manager.

This is a pivotal moment or a milestone even, in terms of work we perform on the daily basis. Namely, with this article we are launching a series of texts dedicated to the issue called “Channel Management”. 

That’s a topic of major importance to us, that is why we will do our best to share as much of our expertise as possible. Thus, should you have any questions or doubts related to the topic, don’t hesitate to drop us a line via our Facebook account. 

Anyway, focusing again on the topic itself.. Every OTA is (unfortunately) an individual unit, which requires independent, time-consuming management. Having all of these channels separated from each other, hoteliers are kind of forced to log into them individually and analyse the rates or allotment (room availability) one after another. It creates organizational chaos, often resulting in unwanted overbookings. But there is a tool which helps you solve the problem within minutes – the Upper CRS – Channel Manager, controlling all the OTAs easily and without any mistakes.

What are the main benefits of Channel Manager? 

Operating Speed

The time of manoeuvring between all of these rate plans and room availability in several different OTAs is gone now. Your Channel Manager sends every change introduced to the Upper CRS to all the sales channels at once. Your job is done with just a few clicks. 

Access to OTA and GDS

The lists of OTAs and GDS (Global Distribution Systems) to be connected in the Upper CRS are quite long as they include all the most popular sales channels in Europe and worldwide. Additionally, you will find many extra channels dedicated to specific markets, e.g. in Germany or India. Profitroom has been devoting a lot of time and effort to this matter relentlessly working on extending the lists even more.

W Profitroom bieżąco pracujemy nad sukcesywnym poszerzaniem listy dostępnych OTA, która regularnie się wydłuża.

One common allotment and rate management

Thus, bookings from all of the OTAs use one common allotment (room availability) and can be managed automatically. No need to worry any further if the data provided in each of the channels has been updated or not – the thing goes on its own now. 

One universal price list for all the channels lets you plan your rates well and work in a full parity. 

PMS Integration

The incredible flexibility of Upper CRS makes it easily connectable to many popular management tools. Thereby, all the information (should a new booking appear, etc.) are exchanged between PMS and Upper CRS automatically. So even if they are two different applications, they still provide us with up-to-date information. 

Analytics + competition 

However, the Upper CRS is something more than a simple „bridge” between the hotel and its sales channels. Now it’s been upgraded with analytical modules, providing hoteliers with clear and easily comprehensible information on hotel sales. Now they can see what their income is and how it is influenced by given time periods. Therefore, it’s an absolute must-have for every Revenue Manager. Analysis of hotel sales, control over the rates offered by competition and this unique opportunity to get the best of this combination is your key to success. 

Let us be a part of your victory and work on your profit! 

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Krzysztof Łazarski, Product Owner