Changes in the Profitroom Booking Engine that you’re definitely waiting for!

Changes in the Profitroom Booking Engine that you’re definitely waiting for!

06 May 2019Filip Warguła

We conduct research related to the improvement of conversion, usability and intuitiveness of the interface all year round. We test new solutions and implement only the best ones. Discover what kind of improvemtns, based on our 14 month activities, we’ve made.

What will change and why?

New multiroom

– reduction of the number of views and clicks for users

Regardless of the number of rooms selected, the new system displays only two multiroom views. The number of views displayed in the old system was proportional to the number of selected rooms, e.g. when booking 8 rooms, the system showed 9 screens.

Previous Booking Engine:

New Booking Engine:

New mobile

– more intuitive

What has changed:

    • We have divided the selection of offers and rooms into two separate screens.
    • We’ve improved the selection of dates
    • We’ve made it easier to include children in the booking
    • We’ve added a photo carousel to the view of the rooms on the preview
    • We’ve corrected the names of payment policies

Previous Booking Engine:

New Booking Engine:

Availability assistant

In case of lack of availability, the old version of the system displayed two alternative dates of stay and allowed to display a collective availability calendar with all rooms. The new version of the system displays a list of rooms, each of which has the option of previewing availability and adjusting the date.

Previous Booking Engine:

New Booking Engine:

Vouchers promotion on Home

– easier access to purchase of vouchers


Tests and results

We have been conducting research since mid-October, that is for 6 months, on over 500 hotels with Profitroom Booking Engine.

The results of the new system are:

The conversion is about 1.5% better

More bookings with a large number of rooms appear on the new system (e.g. 8 rooms)

The new Booking Engine loads at least 30% faster on mobile and desktop, and in the case of hotels offering a large number of room types, we have reduced the loading time by more than twice!

Profitroom Booking Engine 7

Profitroom Booking Engine has passed the security tests positively!

What you need to do

It is worth knowing that the URL to your offers changes. You can put the new URL in future campaigns and update your business card on Google. However, if you don’t do this, nothing will happen because at the time of migration, the old URL will redirect your guests to the new version of Booking Engine.

You will find your new URL when the system is changed to a new version. All you need to do is to enter Profitroom Suite -> Sales Management -> Offers and choose a specific offer, then click on its preview. The page address in the browser will already reflect the change to BE7.

Due to the upgrade of the booking system, there have been some changes made that may affect the analytical tools you use. The latest version of the system is now partially hosted on the domain, while the previous version on the domain. Because of that, you can see both of those URLs in the analytics system.

If you use Google Analytics, we recommend that you exclude both domains in the referral exclusion list in the Google Analytics settings. To do this, go to the administration of the account settings, in the services column, expand Tracking Info and click on the Referral Exclusion List.

Then, add and to the list.

If you need help or you want to make sure everything works well, please contact our support.

Author: Filip Warguła, Product Owner