Black Friday and Cyber Monday at your hotel (23-26 November) – seize this unique opportunity for boosting sales!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday at your hotel (23-26 November) – seize this unique opportunity for boosting sales!

08 November 2018Sara Antoszewicz

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are becoming more popular each year. So why not take advantage of similar opportunities in the hotel industry?

In the US, Black Friday, which this year is on 23 November, has for years been known as an excellent shopping spree opportunity. Black Friday is becoming popular also in Europe (sales in the UK are three times higher on that day). Online shop owners did not want to miss out and for a few years now we have similar campaigns for online shopping. This year the opportunity for online shopping spree, known as Cyber Monday, is on 26 November, but a growing number of businesses extend the campaign for the whole weekend (Cyber Weekend).

Black Friday at hotel

Black Friday + Cyber Monday = Cyber Weekend

Your hotel probably has special deals for Halloween and/or Valentine’s Day. You might also want to take advantage of the Cyber Weekend and find out how it will improve sales for your business! We have also prepared a few tips for hotel owners.

Flash sales – here and now

The key to the success of Cyber Weekend is the limited availability of any deal. For the purposes of this special weekend (which you may kick off as soon as Friday, 23 November), you should consider preparing unique deals. You should also remember that it is the early bird who catches the worm – the chances that you will be the only one wishing to seize this opportunity are slim, so you need to prepare your action plan well.

Set discounts for selected deals and plan their activation at midnight on Friday, 23 November, and its termination at the end of Monday, 26 November. Make sure that the information about your campaign reaches as many users as possible at the beginning of November. Specify that the deals

  • are time-limited

  • apply to selected rooms

  • are connected with Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Cyber Weekend

What is a good deal?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday involve discounts, really handsome discounts. A 5% weekly discount applied to senior deals, including a wide range of treatments, could attract considerable interest. And a discount ranging from 20 to 40% applied to HB deals and SPA vouchers can greatly improve your chance of success. You could also try applying a 15% discount to your most luxurious suites. Think what could work best for your hotel. Cyber Weekend also offers you an excellent opportunity for enhancing your hotel’s visibility and improving its website traffic.

When it comes to Flash Sales, you should also consider adding something extra, for instance, a complimentary welcome drink, wine in the room or restaurant discount. Any extras improve the value of your deal and make it even more popular.

Ensure good communication with your guests

If you have excellent deals, now is the time to advertise them. Think about the marketing tools at your disposal. Newsletter? E-mail? Google Ads? Make use of all the available options – increase your chances for reaching potential guests to sell your special deals.

For this purpose you can try Profitroom CRM with which you can plan out your e-mail campaign – you can prepare an inviting message and select a suitable target group (including individuals who have sent in queries and those who have booked rooms online via your website). 

To reach users outside your mailing list, run the ad campaign on social media and your website, and remember to use Google Ads.

Learn from the best


Black Friday at hotels

Black Friday at hotel, example

If you do not have any ideas about how to advertise your deals, check your inbox and get inspired by the ads you have received. Almost all businesses, from clothing shops to electronics shops and dental practices, participate in the Cyber Weekend! 

If you have any doubts concerning the preparation of your deals, contact our Revenue Team via chat in the Profitroom Suite (we are available for you from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.)

Author: Sara Antoszewicz, Revenue specjalist