A new way for your facility’s website

A new way for your facility’s website

18 February 2020Olga Gajewska

Until now, when planning to launch or refresh your website, you only had one option – to order it. And although this solution has its advantages, you probably didn’t always want to wait for the project or couldn’t afford a significant one-time expense. Now you have a choice – the new year brings new opportunities.

Starting from February 2020 Profitroom WebAssistant offers an alternative solution – a simple modern website creator. No technical knowledge is needed to use it successfully.

It only takes 5 minutes to build your own website – to enrich the online image of your brand and, most importantly, to increase the chances for reservations. See exactly what the two solutions offer you and choose the one that’s best for you. 


“Okay, but how much does it cost?” – the cost of running a new website is probably the first thing you think about. No wonder, it’s usually quite an expense.

This, however, does not have to stop you from taking further action (an up-to-date, booking-generating website of the hotel is after all something absolutely necessary in the present times). To use Profitroom WebAssistant, you don’t have to suddenly cut back on your budget. The monthly cost of taking full advantage of it is only as much as good boots.

You have a choice

Premium solution worth several hundred , created from scratch with your facility in mind, by an agency or external supplier. Or an Advanced Comfort solution based on the so called subscription fee. Which of these solutions should you opt for depends on your financial capabilities and the effect you want to achieve. 


Probably, also for you, the implementation time is the second most important factor to take into account when planning a new or refreshed website. Dedicated solutions, built from scratch, are associated with longer waiting times.

In addition, you need to provide both graphics and content for the dedicated site. It is, of course, a solid investment for years, but it is not always possible to afford it, if only because of the limited human resources.

So if you are struggling with a shortage of employees, consider the Profitroom WebAssistant. In a few minutes, you’ll be running the basic page thanks to it, because it downloads data from the Profitroom Booking Engine. And you can spend the next 30 minutes, for example, on changing the existing graphics. You create, you publish and you forget!

You have a choice

If you are not able to spend time and additional resources on a dedicated photoshoot of your facility or you need your website to be ready the next day after signing the contract, use the possibilities offered by the Profitroom WebAssistant. 


Work on the site does not end with its launch. Usually, after the site is already live, you can count on support on two levels. Expect 24/7 support from an external supplier. You will probably also be able to order additional services, such as a new subpage, content and other extra services.

But you are unlikely to receive an update of your layout, i.e. a change in the visual elements. This means that after a few years your website will lose not only the modernity but also the cost of acquiring a visitor will increase. You’ll have to think about refreshing the site.

In the case of Profitroom WebAssistant you can, for example, add a new subpage yourself. What’s more, your website will be automatically updated all the time, i.e. adjusted to the dominating trends.

After a few years, it will be as modern as on the first day you published it… You also don’t have to worry about refreshing the content of the offers on the site, as they will be downloaded from the Profitroom Booking Engine

You have a choice

For support, you must, therefore, decide what is more important to you: 24/7 support or long-term support in the way the content is presented and the site, linked to a site that always follows the trends.

Profitroom WebAssistant
Profitroom WebAssistant


Both a website built from scratch and a website created with the help of the WebAssistant, needs an appropriate background in the form of content, keywords, analytics and positioning. So that guests can easily find you on the Internet and choose your offer.

Both solutions are ready to perform this optimization, but neither of them provides this option directly – they are always separate services. 

You have a choice

If you want your website to be visible in the search results, you must try to get the right service or take care of the positioning yourself. Profitroom WebAssistant is such a simple program that knowing the basics of SEO, you can handle it yourself. 


Last but not least, the final visual effect of the site is crucial. The dedicated website will look exactly the way you want it to look like. It will describe the full offer of your hotel, include the restaurant menu and present all attractions.

Such a site usually also has the ability to present more than one facility in a connected booking engine. It is, therefore, suitable for individual facilities as well as for hotel or apartment chains.  A website built using WebAssistant also has the possibility to present the full offer, together with attractions, and in the future, it will let you also place additional offers, such as a restaurant menu.

In addition, you can repeatedly choose from three templates that have been built specifically to meet the needs of the industry and will automatically adapt to trends. However, this solution will not give you as many possibilities, e.g. to present facilities within your hotel network. 

You have a choice

Which design to choose – one fully dedicated to your facility or something created according to a hotel template? This depends largely on how much flexibility you expect from your site, and how many facilities you want to show on your site.

There are no solutions that are universal enough to always fit everyone. But finally, you have a choice when you face the need to launch a new website.

Choose the solution that will meet most of your expectations, taking into account how much money you are ready to spend, how fast the site is to be delivered, how personalized or flexible of a solution do you need and how much time you are able to spend. 

Create your page in 3 minutes and watch it automatically adjust to the trends!
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