A brand new face of the Center platform

A brand new face of the Center platform

05 December 2016Krzysztof Kowalczykiewicz

We are delighted to tell you the brand new Center platform has already arrived! It’s a large step since all the Profitroom tools for hoteliers will be switched to this version soon. Why did we modify it? What has changed? Read more to find out!

New Center – how the platform was born and what it means

The Center powering the sales boosting tools is well known to all the customers of Profitroom. It allows, for example, to manage and analyse the sales through the Upper booking engine, or to manage the availability through the Channel Manager, or to change the content on the website of your hotel. The new version has a fresh interface, more functionalities and makes the everyday work so much easier for the hoteliers.

We wanted to give our customers a platform which would allow the users to use all our tools in an even easier way. We analysed the data collected throughout the years to prepare an interface which would suit the needs of our users best. We aimed at creating a platform which could serve for a long time, thus we had to face a few obstacles: 

  • The old version was a loose mix of several generations of our tools, 
  • Many functionalities have been duplicated throughout our apps,
  • The data exchange between the applications was not full, 
  • The interface was not coherent,
  • The mobile access was very difficult.

A whole year of work has brought a new Center featuring: 

  • a coherent and intuitive interface allowing you to use a few tools at the same time, 
  • great functionalities for a better data analysis, 
  • a much more mobile-friendly version. 

The new Center – for the time being available here: centerng.profitroom.net – has been more closely adapted to your needs. We encourage you to give it a try!

New Center – which key functionalities are already available? 

In the new version you will no longer find the classic division between the applications and products. Now there are clear sections matching the information structure, used by the hotelier on everyday basis. The same views and sheets are now available both when using the booking system and the Channel Manager. 

Display in the new Center 

Upper Booking Engine

If you are a manager, receptionist, admin or another user who takes daily advantage of the functionalities provided by the Upper system, you will certainly find the new Center quite a useful tool for you. What the new platform gives you is the access to: 

  • more advanced analytical tools;
  • an improved daily rate management in basic offers; 
  • a better interface for availability control. 

Booking oversight and availability management have already been introduced and as such can be used by „reception users”. 
In the analytical part you will find some useful data compilations, not available in the older platform, which most certainly will appeal to managers. 
The new Center does not have full functionality of defining offers and configuring the object yet, however, the missing options shall follow quite soon. If you have any suggestions or remarks, please let us know about it! 

Channel Manager

The Channel Manager on the new platform is already complete.  You can take advantage of the full management system of the prices, availability and bookings from all the sales channels.  
If you still think you need the older version as well, both platforms are available to you simultaneously. However, we would suggest switching to the new one when the time is right. The previous platform will be turned off within a couple of months from now. Test it on centerng.profitroom.net and let us know what you think!

Center – what’s next?

The new Center platform is being intensely expanded as well as enriched with new functionalities and tools. Yet, a full reservation management system, CMS, CRM is not the end of our plans for the upcoming months. Your suggestions, ideas and wishes are always most welcome. You can contact us for instance via the tool available from every screen in the platform. Simply use the widget to the right of the screen, called “Feedback” or “Opinions and suggestions”. 

In order to use the platform, simply use the address: centerng.profitroom.net and log in with your access data from the previous platform. The older version will be turned off within a couple of months. 

Important! A new module of competition analysis 

The new Center means also a brand new analysis module and you don’t need the Channel Manager to use it anymore. Tracking the prices for even one year in advance, updates on demand and comparing the rates and rooms in the chosen categories – try it out! If you are interested, please contact our representatives by e-mailing us: contact@profitroom.net. We’re waiting for your message!