5 ways for cheaper facebook advertising

5 ways for cheaper facebook advertising

09 February 2018Katarzyna Parzonka

According to Statista Facebook has over 2.2 billion monthly active users around the world. It means that the platform is the most popular social network worldwide. We will show you 5 ways to get the most out of your hotel advertising on Facebook.

  • Different campaigns for different target groups

Novice advertisers frequently make the same mistake as they attempt to direct a single campaign to various groups of target users. For instance, let us assume that your hotel simultaneously shows offers for families with children, couples seeking relaxation, and a conference room for companies. Obviously, each group will be attracted by something different. If we try to reach everyone, we end up reaching no one at all. For that reason, don’t be afraid to create several campaigns simultaneously. If your offer includes packages for families with children, friends using SPA, or a CEO looking for an integration party for the employees, create  a separate campaign for each group. Remember that when you create several campaigns at the same time, it is equally important to name them appropriately. The aim is to give you a quick insight into how effective each campaign is and not to waste time viewing all of them to find out who it is directed to.

  • Testing advertising messages

Let us now move on to the point which is equally important. Once your advertising account shows several campaigns for different target groups, it is worth to choose a message, which gives the highest number of conversions at the same budget. That involves changing graphics and the call to action message. Give the lowest price per night for some ads, do not give the price at all for others. Offer a free bottle of wine for a quick booking, then a discount code etc. There are countless possibilities. Your creativity will let you learn your guests’ preferences in detail. 

Don’t forget that different criteria are important for guests visiting a hostel in the city center and for those staying at a luxury boutique hotel. In the case of the first one, the main criterion is the price per night, close proximity of a car park or airport. In the case of the second one, it is the size of the room, the range of SPA treatments or the proximity to the beach. The price does not need to be essential. 

  • Create and promote a video clip about your hotel

Hotel is a great material for video-based advertising. Beautiful views, luxury interiors, modern sanitary facility, and spacious, comfortable rooms- it all makes a perfect 30-40 seconds video. 

Good video material is an expense. However, according to the research by Kinetic Social, video ads have the lowest CPC of all advertising formats. As a result, recording and editing costs of a good video may be considered as investment which will pay off rapidly. 



  • Use Facebook Pixel and remarketing

Remarketing involves reaching users who have visited our page before. The moment users leave the website, they are followed by a text or image ad. It gives us the guarantee that we display messages solely for those who are truly interested in the offer.  

The ad may also appear on different webpages, in Google search results, on YouTube, but also on Facebook. In order to display your ads in that specific place, you need to check the hotel site with a special pixel. Launching the tool is relatively simple. You only need to go to All Tools tab in the Ad Manager account, then select Pixels. 

You will find a code which then needs to be added to the hotel site. Apart from remarketing,  Facebook Pixel offers other features. It allows users to follow conversions from the hotel fanpage or analyze activities which led to the booking. This could be a very valuable source of information about your guests.

  • Target precisely (narrow down your group)

Last but not least, the more precise the target group, the higher the chance you reach individuals which are actually interested in the hotel offer. Moreover, you can easily separate the uninterested target groups. Obvious as this may sound, this is something that many novice advertisers tend to forget. You  can diversify groups in terms of age, gender, place of residence, children, interests, stage of life, recently read books, online activity, as well as other factors. You have all the necessary tools to reach specifically all the potential returning guests. 

Your hotel offer allows you to direct ads to a large target group? See point 1 and create as many campaigns as necessary and direct each ad to a different target group.

  • Other things to remember when advertising your hotel online

If you consider all five methods listed above, you can be sure of gaining many valuable guests at a low price. There is one thing, however, which shall not be forgotten in any advertising activities. It is the Pareto’s rule, also referred to as the 80/20 or “80 to 20” rule. According to this principle, 20% of your activities should translate into 80% of the achieved effects. In other words, when you discover your target group showing positive reaction to your ads, focus 80% of your time and budget on that group. Meanwhile, use the remaining 20% of resources to find new target groups and test advertising messages.