5 reasons why your hotel needs Channel Manager

5 reasons why your hotel needs Channel Manager

10 April 2018Katarzyna Kraul

There is no denying that today, the fight for a client is a tool-based battle. The victory depends on the how effective your toolset is and what function arsenal it offers. Let’s be honest – you gain the advantage with a solution designed to meet the requirements of the hotel industry, including the one related to the security of the GDP. But this is not the only reason why Profitroom Channel Manager is the solution you need to effectively counter the attacks of the competition.

Reduce the risk of overbooking

One of the undeniable advantages of Channel Manager is the opportunity to reduce the risk of overbooking to the minimum, thanks to the access to sales results in all online channels and the real-time response. What does this mean in practice? The sales offer includes the actual pool of rooms which is automatically divided between individual sales channels, thus reducing the risk of overbooking and significantly simplifying the management of prices and availability in each channel.

Opportunities beyond the standard

At a time when the sales of rooms are carried out in a multi-channel manner, it is essential to have a tool which offers quick and efficient management of availability and prices in multiple channels, all in one place. It allows you to react to changes in sales, but above all, an insight into the activities of competitors in real time. The effects? The ability to track the actions of the competition on a current basis and to adapt the offer will let you win the current battles and simply stay ahead of the competition.

Boomerang effect

The ability to effectively manage sales in different channels the use of a single tool allows you to run more channels simultaneously. This, of course, translates into the number of direct and indirect bookings (boomerang effect). Greater visibility and better distribution of offers significantly increase the likelihood of filling the hotel in the low season.

Greater guest satisfaction

The hotel industry is based on the satisfaction of guests, and the reception is naturally the first place where a positive relationship is established. Channel Manager, which is a comprehensive solution, increases the effectiveness of the reception work. Even more so, as the channel manager can be connected to the PMS system. This option allows you to avoid mistakes when entering your reservation (for instance, choosing the wrong date or the wrong room). 

Increased reception efficiency is equal to better time management, and therefore the possibility to focus more energy on guest service. A well-served guest is a satisfied guest. On the other hand, only a satisfied guest may become a loyal one, as he returns to the hotel and recommends it to friends at some point. After all, a guest convinced to the hotel will not look for other offers online – next time, he is going to book directly. At the end of the day, this what we are all looking for.

Advanced analytics

The possibility of dynamic adjustment of the sales policy and the review of the current or planned offers, also in comparison to the activities of the competition, translates into an increase in sales. With the convenient configuration of multiple price lists simultaneously and the extensive analytical modules (including reports on advance booking, sales in channels, average prices of rooms/apartments, rooms sold, offers sold) and the possibility of merging with PMS, the implementation of sales strategies becomes much more convenient. And – what Revenue managers tend to appreciate – changes require the minimum work, as much as the so-called single click.

An intensive development of online sales requires proper weaponry. Tools which are tailored to the expectations, trends and, above all, sales needs of hotels are currently the most effective weapons in the battle for bookings. The more effective the weapon, the closer we are to succeed. Although the battle is not over, it takes less effort with the proper equipment. This is why you need Channel Manager. You can finally relax 🙂 

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