Node.js Developer


Salary between 17 000 and 25 000 PLN net + VAT monthly, on B2B contract (or equivalent for UoP), depending on your skills and performance during the interview.

Tech stack we’re using in general:

Team’s composition: Backend Engineers, Frontend Engineers, QA Engineers, dedicated Product Owner,

Languages: JavaScript/ES6+, TypeScript and PHP (7.1 to 8.1)

Architecture: new features as microservices (more than 70 and growing)

Frameworks: mainly Express or Fastify, some Laravel or Symfony

Testing tools: jest, cypress, mocha

Tools: RabbitMQ, AWS, Beanstalk, Kubernetes, Docker, Git, Rancher, Blackfire, Stylus,

DBs: MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB

Work organisation: Scrum, JIRA, Confluence, freedom to choose OS (Linux vs MacOS)

Quality standards: SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, design patterns, mutual code reviews and CI/CD (using Gitlab)

Who are we looking for?

You’re probably a great candidate for us if you:

  • have some professional experience in software development, working with NodeJs / TypeScript, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, OOP and Git
  • Have a history of developing your code consistently with best practices and patterns
  • Show proactive approach and problem solving skills
  • Enjoy working with the team and communicating with various internal stakeholders involved in the development process

It’s not a mandatory requirement, but definitely an advantage if you:

  • Worked in agile methodologies in the past (e.g. Scrum or Kanban) and understand its principles
  • Feel comfortable using JIRA and Confluence

What will you do?

  • Collaborate with other members of the team (developers, tester, product owner, scrum master) and architects in design and implementation of strategic applications of the company,
  • Participate in routine events, I.E. Daily, refinement, planning, review, retrospective,
  • Design and develop applications as well as take care of the code quality and contribute to the overall architecture
  • Follow the best development practices and recommend optimal solutions,
  • Take part in technical trainings and meetings,
  • Build a friendly atmosphere and a comfortable working environment for the team and other employees of our company

What does the working environment look like?

You will work in a long-term product portfolio development environment:

  • Established Scrum-based multi-team development model, with decision-making Product Owners, dedicated QAs, UX and Data Science teams
  • Flat structures and in-house business team that makes decision paths short and creates possibility to have a real impact on the product
  • KPI and metric-based product development and feature verification

Facing post-startup challenges:

  • Already established but still quickly growing customer base
  • Globalisation: time zones, languages, currencies, local integrations, payment gateways
  • Production-scale real-life scalability, performance, optimization and traffic challenges

Working with established microservices migration approach:

  • Asynchronous messaging using RabbitMQ, not synchronous APIs
  • Microservices written in PHP, Node.js, Golang
  • Migrating established legacy monolith services into microservices world

What can we offer?

  • 26 days off on Contract of Employment and 24 days off on B2B
  • Fully remote work environment
  • Additional benefits such as Medicover, Multisport, training budgets, foreign languages classes, e-learning platform, online courses and life insurance