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A few words worth a million

We would like to present the references of selected companies which have used our experience to gain their benefits:

Profitroom Booking Engine

We love the user experience this booking engine gives our guests and since moving to Profitroom we have seen a large increase in online bookings via our website. The support we receive; from setting up new offers and room types to quick calls for guidance and best practice is fantastic - I would 100% recommend Profitrooms.

Profitroom Channel Manager

We have been using Profitroom's Channel Manager for a few months now and for me, three key features of their solution really made our lives easier in terms of day-to-day management. It was its simplicity, level of customer support and flawless integration with our Property Management System - Opera, which was one of our key requirements when searching for the right provider. Our team here at Port Lympne love how easy the Profitroom system is to manage and we've saved so much time whilst generating lots of additional revenue

Jessica Riggs,Short Breaks Revenue & Sales Manager
Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve


We started our cooperation with Profitroom company in 2010 in the field of delivering the tools, web services and operation of the booking system. We use Profitroom Booking Engine, Profitroom Channel Managera and search engine optimization (SEO). In July 2018 a new version of our website was launched, which meets our expectations and presents our make in a professional way. The project is characterised by attractive design and advanced technology.

We value our long-time cooperation. We recommend Profitroom as a business Partner.

Wojciech Sporek, Hotele SPA Dr Irena Eris

We have been hiring the services of Profitroom for many years now, so we decided to entrust them with designing our new website. It was a difficult project to carry out as the specific features of our resort required individual approach and full commitment on the part of the Profitroom team to fully grasp the character of our resort. The aim of the project was facilitating and simplifying the booking process and improving sales, especially via mobile devices by applying emerging trends, easy and intuitive site navigation, and layout clarity.

The professional approach together with the know-how of the Profitroom team resulted in development of an efficient tool both in terms of image and sales. We have also decided to start using the Priftroom Performance Marketing services, including professional marketing and sales consulting which together with an innovative website design enable us to reach our goals. Thanks to the close collaboration and shared trust, the yielded results have exceeded our expectations. In the course of the first three months of the new website operation, the number of bookings via BE service increased by 112% on average.

Katarzyna Ścisłowicz-Opalska, Nosalowy Dwór

The passion to create projects at the highest level, attention to detail, unique design and modern tools is the reason for the cooperation between Baltin brand and Profitroom. Profitroom is a company that perfectly understands our industry and has innovative technological solutions that have enabled us to successfully create a unique website.

We aim high and our expectations - also as to the sales levels results - have been met. From the beginning, we have used solutions such as Booking Engine and Channel Manager, which significantly increased the number of bookings in our facilities.

The stable team and a dedicated guardian with whom we constantly cooperate and receive professional support are a great asset. The comprehensive service gives us comfort and a lot of convenience.

Remigiusz Rejniak, Hotel Baltin

We have established cooperation with Profitroom in February 2018 and from the very start we have been very pleased with the cooperation and the comprehensive nature of the solutions they provide. We have a website designed by Profitroom and we use the tools which streamline the daily work of a hotel such as Profitroom Booking Engine and Profitroom Channel Manager. With their wide range of products and services, Profitroom is capable of meeting the needs of every hotel. In our case, all the implemented solutions allowed us, among other things, to increase the number of direct bookings by 11%. On top of that, the company excels at substantive expert support and technical support with very short response times. In view of the above, we are happy to recommend Profitroom as a worthy Business Partner.

Anna Gojżewska, Hotel & Medi-SPA Biały Kamień 


Our website created by Profitroom enchants with design and modern solutions. It fully reflects the character of our hotel. We are also highly satisfied with the conversion rate that we managed to achieve in the reservation system. The Profitroom team consists of highly competent and professional employees, which is why we wholeheartedly recommend cooperating with this company.

Magdalena Hoffmann, Copernicus Toruń Hotel



“Dolina Charlotty Resort & Spa recommends services provided by Profitroom in the areas of booking solutions, marketing, and promotional consulting. The innovative and unconventional solutions proposed by Profitroom help us effectively communicate with the environment and strengthen our brand on the market. Profitroom is a solid and reliable partner which ensures service of the highest standard.”

Mirosław Wawrowski, Dolina Charlotty



“The stability of the staff has been exceptional. We have worked with the same team from day one. The same team is involved in our advertising campaigns and website , which positively affects the growth of sales (a quadruple increase within 2 years). Profitroom is developing and strives to improve their services, which is why we can strongly recommend the company to other interested clients.”

Marzena Oleś, Hotel Piwniczna

"The cooperation with Profitroom involves working with professionals who skillfully manage our campaigns in the Google search. The speed of reaction, flexibility, and care of a dedicated specialist are the three most important and distinct features of cooperation with this company. The cooperation with Profitroom directly translates into increased sales and boosted brand recognition."

Andrzej Pogorzała, Golden Tulip Gdańsk Residence

“The cooperation with Profitroom has resulted in the creation of a very modern and sales-oriented website. The Upper BE system, in comparison to the predecessor, has significantly raised the conversion rate and streamlined our work. With the proven solutions provided by Profitroom, we can unleash our potential and effectively encourage to use our services. I recommend Profitroom as a reliable and committed Partner.”

Tomasz Rybaczek, Artis Loft Hotel


“The amazing development which Profitroom has displayed over several years of cooperation has resulted in the implementation and adaptation of advanced tools to the needs of each facility as well as the latest trends in marketing and sales. A unified and legible for revenue management saves time and money, not to mention the exceptional revenue and marketing support. I can tell from experience that the Profitroom solutions will work both in a city hotel and an intimate SPA facility.”

Magdalena Socha, Arche Hotel Częstochowa



“Smart Hotel has cooperated with Profitroom since 2017. The proposed and implemented solutions such as Booking Engine and Channel Manager have significantly increased the number of direct reservations in our facilities and allowed us to expand the range of our services. The functionality of the systems implemented by Profitroom enabled more effective price management and a better control. The proposed and delivered solutions and technologies fully meet our expectations in terms of both the quality and the functionality. The implementation schedule of individual solutions was carried out professionally and on time.”

Łukasz Kucharski, Smart Hotel 


I am pleased to inform you that Mazurski Raj Sp. z o.o. works together with Profitroom Sp. z o.o., based at ul. Roosevelta 9/3 in (60-829) Poznań. The cooperation began on 15/12/2014, and it continues to date as our Company is satisfied with Profitroom’s services.

Under the current contracts the company:

  • creates website for the Hotel
  • makes Profitroom Booking Engine and Profitroom Channel Manager available to the Hotel
  • makes Profitroom CRM System available to the Hotel

From the perspective of the buyer, an important advantage is adjusting the offer to the needs of the contracting party. The company’s strength is knowledge, experience and understanding of the market demands. The offer of Profitroom Sp. z o.o. is a wide and incredibly comprehensive array of services.

It is worth to mention that orders are processed within a short period of time and the technical assistance is very effective. The main advantage of this cooperation is seamless communication [between our companies]. The company employs competent, helpful staff.

Angelika Szubierajska, Mazurski Raj


We greatly appreciate the comprehensive services provided by Profitroom both in terms of technological solutions (Profitroom Booking Engine, Channel Manager, and CRM) and advisory solutions (Revenue Management and Marketing Services). We can always depend on Profitroom to provide us with professional support, the know-how, and fast response. The provided solutions are complemented by a webpage, which facilitates booking rooms by our Guests.

The Profitroom CRM deserves particular attention, as it enables us to automatically collect guest data in a database, including marketing consents, carry out an appropriate segmentation, and send out a newsletter. Application of the calculation module has streamlined and accelerated the rate at which our Guest receive the services their require which, in turn, led to an increase in the number of direct bookings, improved conversion rate of the e-mail enquiries, and improved the level of Guest satisfaction.

In light of the above, we would recommend Profitroom as a professional business partner to anyone.”

Łukasz Pawlina, Hotel Number One


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