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Hotel Marketing

We build strong brands and increase profits 


The most effective tools for your brand.

Metasearch Ads

Pozyskaj rezerwacje bezpośrednie - promocja do końca marca!

Wypromuj obiekt we współpracy z globalnymi markami. Bądź tam, gdzie miliony podróżnych szuka noclegu każdego dnia i zwiększ zyski ze sprzedaży bezpośredniej!

Dowiedzi się więcej o Metasearch Ads i obowiązującej promocji - Kliknij tutaj!

Google Hotel Ads

Hotel Ads in Google properties

Campaign on Trivago

With 1.4 billion visits per year Trivago is a leading hotel metasearch. This is why millions of travelers turn to it when looking for a hotel.

Contact us.


Sponsored links and brand protection.

Thanks to Google AdWords campaign, your website’s address can instantly appear on the top positions in the browser. 

Brand protection is the most effective way to increase online sell and cut back on the OTA’s commissions.  


Google display network

Online display advertising catches attention in an effective way building brand image at the same time. It encourages internet users to visit hotel’s and apartments's website.

Thanks to Google display network’s banners you can reach any target group and present them your offer in an attractive way.


Trakcing ads enhance sales

Remarketing is all about showing banners to people who have already visited your website. Banners are presented on many websites that are visited by the potential guest.

It is worth to remind our website’s visitors, especially those who did not make the reservation, about our offer..


Youtube’s great potential

YouTube is the second most popular website in the whole world. Using its potential you can reach millions of Internet users.

One of the best advantage of this type of commercial is the fact that we pay only for the effective view”. Promotion through this channel is relatively cheap and helps build brand image. 


Facebook Ads

Be where your clients are

Facebook ads are effective way to reach your potential and current clients. 

Thanks to this type of actions, we can both - inspire selected target groups, or use the vast range of opportunities offered by remarketing in the social networks.



Modern approach to SEO 

We specialize in positioning hotels’ websites and in this field we have many years of experience. Therefore, we understand the field and our clients very well.

Our approach to SEO is modern - we do not use outdated spam methods. We have established plenty of original solutions that guarantee success.



Email marketing

Contact data base is a valuable source of income

Communication with clients through this channel is extremely effective. 

By sending newsletters you can present your offer to current clients, increase the income and reach the potential client on every stage of the sell funnel. 


Gain the knowledge and optimize 

Use the vast range of analytical solutions and gain the information that you need to increase the number of bookings. With Profitroom you can:

  • check the traffic on your website,
  • analyze users’ behaviour,
  • assess sell effectiveness.


Our knowledge and marketing expercience are acknowledged by obtained certificates. In our team there are Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing and SEO specialists. Profitroom is a Google Partner Premier

Joanna, Certified AdWords specialists


Many services, unlimited possibilities

Why it is worth to choose Profitrom:

    In e-commerce for 12 years, in the field of hotels for 7 years - we are the ones who establish new trends.
    Big team of specialists, constant consulting - we are the ones who offer full service and suggest the best solutions.
    Many top brands in our portfolio, dozens of effective solutions - we are the ones who guarantee success.

Due to working in the fields of marketing, IT and hotels for many years, we have the best insight and therefore we understand what our clients need. Our motto is Simply More Bookings!

Profitroom - marketing dla hoteli

Profitroom Partners

marketing & advertising cooperation

Performance Marketing

Marketing on its highest level for the most demanding clients.

Performance marketing was created for the hotels and apartments with great online selling potential. Its most important features are:

    We support you on every stage of the sell funnel.
    More direct reservations - Simply More Bookings.
    Payment only for results.

Performance Marketing is a comprehensive marketing and revenue service that every hotel needs.

1500+ clients
Hotel Mercure
Hotel Klimczok
Dolina Charlotty
Hotel Haffner
You are in the right place! We will contact you and discuss your needs and requirement for your hotel.
* Required Field
Select the subjects of your interest:
Booking Engine
Channel Manager
Internet Marketing
Social WiFi
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