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Valuable knowledge

Monitor price and occupancy at your competitor hotels

Price Watch is a tool dedicated for Revenue Managers and hotel owners.

It enables monitoring of price and occupancy rates of competing hotels. Thanks to our tool you will gain information on the average price at a given time, but also about price changes and availability. Efficiently plan your pricing strategy and earn more!

Optimize your sales

Thanks to Price Watch you will increase the revenue of your hotel. With the knowledge of the moves of your competitors, you'll be able to manage the prices and availability more effectively.

Krzysztof, CEO @ Profitroom

How does Price Watch work?

Price optimization -> Higher income

  • daily price report for 60 or 90 days ahead
  • weekly price report for 180 or 365 days ahead
  • data from 10 or 15 competing hotels
  • data from most popular channels
  • values for different offer variants
  • data presented on a useful graph
  • possibility of activating an unlimited on-demand price refresh - it allows you to check prices for chosen dates

Most Important Functionalities

View competitions’ prices

  • profit from charts with prices at competing facilities
  • analyze data on functional charts
  • filter data according to rooms and offers 
  • clearly marked weekends

Simple Monitoring

  • Price alerts (stacked, competition) 
  • Availability (stacked, competition)
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